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Kream, LLC understands how to help tech startups scale quickly and safely. Kream’s offering enables you to proudly offer contract management experience that reflects oversight while freeing up your bandwidth to focus on your core competency. We are a professional Contract Administration Outsourcing Organization (or CAOO) model focused exclusively on serving the needs of high-tech companies. Our contract management outsourcing solution frees up your internal resources by handing over a majority of your contract administration — the paperwork, the stress, the liability — to a partner that has a passion for managing it well.

By outsourcing to Kream, you gain rich benefits rarely available or affordable to small companies. You also win a united team of contract management specialists dedicated to supporting you. For nearly two decades, Kream has effectively managed almost every aspect of contract management relationships on behalf of organizations encompassing 50 states. As a leading full-service Contractual Administrative and Outsourcing Organization (CAOO), Kream is committed to championing the very best interests of our partnering organizations.